Ice Model Testing

Aker Arctic is running a third generation testing facility. Model testing in ice is a cost-efficient tool to develop ship projects, offshore oil and gas related projects, port solutions, and for the verification of ships ice performance.

We offer a wide range of ice model testing services

  • performance and power predictions of ships
  • ship maneuvering tests in ice
  • ice load and impact tests of floating and fixed offshore structures
  • mooring tests of floating vessels
  • loading and offloading operations – multi-model testing
  • tests of ice encroachment on artificial islands and ice protection units
  • ice formation tests

We model following ice conditions

  • one- and multi-year level ice
  • brash ice channels
  • ice rubble
  • floe ice
  • one- and multi-year ridges

Testing facility

Test basin dimensions

  • Length 75 m
  • Breadth 8 m
  • Depth 2.1 m

Model ice properties

  • fine grained
  • thickness range 15-150 mm
  • flexural strength range 15-150 kPa

Facility  Features

  • test carriage speed range 0-3 m/s
  • secondary carriage speed range 0-1.5 m/s
  • synchronized drive of carriages
  • underwater carriage
  • bottom and side windows
  • shallow water bottom: length 40 m, water depth 0-1.6 m
  • infra-red 6-dof motion measuring device
  • optical ice floe size and distribution analysis