Ice Simulator

The newest addition to the Aker Arctic Technology portfolio is a real-time, full-mission Ice Simulator. Our expertise and experience in ice has been leveraged to develop an ice navigation simulator that provides realistic features and reactions. Now anybody can practice operations in a variety of ice and weather conditions on any kind of vessel, plan ice management operations, prepare a feasibility study for their ship design concept, or create a terminal design study of layout and operations. Aker Arctic Ice Simulator is a cost-effective tool for risk control, comprehensive analysis and arctic training.

Benefits of advanced real-time simulator training with Aker Arctic Ice Simulator:

  • Systematic, advanced simulator training offers significant improvements to navigational safety – without risk to the environment, crew or ship.
  • Aker Arctic Technology’s ice-related expertise and experience
  • Model test validation
  • Full-scale data
  • Exceptional situations – risky and dangerous manoeuvres can be practised
  • Demanding conditions – weather, archipelagos and ice
  • Navigation system – training and mastery of interference in navigation systems
  • New ship designs – familiarization with new vessel concepts
  • Operations with icebreaker procedures
  • Efficiency – cost-effective risk control and comprehensive analysis of training situations
  • Planning ice management operations
  • Ship design concept and fleet feasibility studies
  • Port and fairway design – layout, operations and feasibility studies.

Key features of new simulator systems:

  • Modelling – high-quality representation of the vessel and its technical equipment
  • Equipment – realistic features/reactions in navigation and other control systems
  • Flexibility – modification according to new ship types and new control systems
  • Visualization of surroundings – realistic visual and radar representation of archipelago, confined and shallow fairway and ice conditions
  • Ice and vessel – dynamic calculation of the ice sheet and its interactions
  • Scaling potential – system expansion and upscaling capabilities suitable for e.g. basic training.

Train your ship crew for arctic environment: ICETRAIN is a three-day course for deck officers who need training for ice operation. Training has been designed by Finnish experts representing different fields of ice operations. ICETRAIN -partners are Aboa Mare, Aker Arctic, Arctia Icebreaking, Deltamarin, DNVGL, Ice Advisors, Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and Meriturva -