Ice Simulator

The newest addition to the Aker Arctic Technology portfolio is a real-time, full-mission Ice Simulator. Our expertise and experience in ice has been leveraged to develop an ice navigation simulator that provides realistic features and reactions. Now anybody can practice operations in a variety of ice and weather conditions on any kind of vessel, plan ice management operations, prepare a feasibility study for their ship design concept, or create a terminal design study of layout and operations. Aker Arctic Ice Simulator is a cost-effective tool for risk control, comprehensive analysis and arctic training.

Benefits of advanced real-time simulator training with Aker Arctic Ice Simulator:

  • Systematic, advanced simulator training offers significant improvements to navigational safety – without risk to the environment, crew or ship.
  • Aker Arctic Technology’s ice-related expertise and experience
  • Model test validation
  • Full-scale data
  • Exceptional situations – risky and dangerous manoeuvres can be practised
  • Demanding conditions – weather, archipelagos and ice
  • Navigation system – training and mastery of interference in navigation systems
  • New ship designs – familiarization with new vessel concepts
  • Operations with icebreaker procedures
  • Efficiency – cost-effective risk control and comprehensive analysis of training situations
  • Planning ice management operations
  • Ship design concept and fleet feasibility studies
  • Port and fairway design – layout, operations and feasibility studies.

Key features of new simulator systems:

  • Modelling – high-quality representation of the vessel and its technical equipment
  • Equipment – realistic features/reactions in navigation and other control systems
  • Flexibility – modification according to new ship types and new control systems
  • Visualization of surroundings – realistic visual and radar representation of archipelago, confined and shallow fairway and ice conditions
  • Ice and vessel – dynamic calculation of the ice sheet and its interactions
  • Scaling potential – system expansion and upscaling capabilities suitable for e.g. basic training.

Train your ship crew for arctic environment: Aboa Mare provides a diversified training portfolio in ice navigation training, including Basic and Advanced training according to the Polar Code, as well as training for Baltic ice conditions. Shiphandling in ice, ice management training and specialized ice training according to the needs of the customer. A good example of this is our co-operation with ABB Marine Academy in top level ice navigation courses for Azipod propulsion and arctic know-how.