Offshore Development

 Aker Arctic has large number of references in offshore operations, technology, structures and model testing. Over 45 years of development has given us the experience to provide cost-effective solutions assuring safe functionality. Aker Arctic’s unique knowledge of ice, cold weather and climate conditions, can be used to meet all of our customers’ needs in a variety of services for ice-covered seas.

  • Offshore structures and vessels
    • Offshore structure concepts, designs and construction analyses, and vessels for offshore operations.
    • Winterization of rigs, structures, vessels and conversions for refits.
    • Fleet optimization, supply operations planning, definition of operational windows, and early stage pre-feed/feed analysis and estimates.
  • Operations
    • Ice management plan (IMP) for vessels, sites and operations.
    • Oil spill recovery (OSR) management, prevention planning and equipment selection.
    • On-site construction supervision and project execution management
  • Ports and marine structures
    • Brash ice management in port areas.
    • Coastal engineering, wave loads and hydrodynamics of marine structures during open water season.
    • Ice loads calculations and modelling based on scientific and historical environmental and ice & weather database
  • Model testing
    • Offshore structures, loading towers, port layouts, ice barriers, mooring systems and vessels.

Aker Arctic can be your ideal partner from preliminary concept evaluation phase to construction supervision.