Ship Design & Engineering

Aker Arctic offers a range of proven icebreaking ship designs for different operational needs.

Ship types include:

  • icebreakers
  • ice-going vessels such as cargo ships and tankers
  • vessels intended for arctic offshore operations like AHS and OSV
  • polar research vessels

Our experience and expertise enable us to offer a wide range of services related to:

  • feasibility studies, ship specifications and tender designs, basic designs
  • designs which can be customised to operational requirements, e.g. the standard Aker ARC series
  • offshore structures, designing for ice loads and structural design
  • design criteria based on environmental conditions and operating profile
  • winterization specifications and solutions
  • hull optimization for open water and/or ice conditions
  • ship performance and power predictions
  • icebreaking capability in a variety of conditions
  • structural dimensioning, global and local forces
  • ship propulsion systems in ice, loads and dimensioning, complete designs.