Arctic Passion Issue / 20.08.2015

Arctic Passion News #10 (2/2015)

This year we celebrated 10 years as the independent company Aker Arctic. The company has been strongly established on Finnish knowhow in icebreaking and ice technology, and we have been working from our Helsinki and Turku locations. Now the time has come for the company to grow, not only in size but also in terms of broadening our knowhow base. We were able to conclude the acquisition of the Canadian ice expertise company Akac Inc. Akac has been the world’s leading consultancy development company in its specialised field: solutions for arctic offshore operations and ice management. We have also made the decision to open our own representative office in Moscow.



Page 2 From the Managing Director
Page 3 Basic design for French polar vessel
Page 4 Port icebreaker ARC 124 for Sabetta
Page 5 Akac acquisition strengthens offshore knowhow
Page 7 Cooperation on Novy Port project
Page 10 Baltika excels in arctic ice trials
Page 14 Arctic Aframax for transportation needs
Page 16 Brash ice management in harbour areas
Page 18 10th Arctic Passion Seminar
Page 19 What’s up
Page 20 Summer trip to Turku

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