Arctic Passion Issue / 10.03.2017

Arctic Passion News #13 (1/2017)

2017 is the first year of polar code implementation. We have in recent years seen alarming signs of how changes in the Arctic are quick and big. IMO level regulations are to be applied also in ice-classed vessels. They create a special difficulty, as low-energy solutions are often controversial to the practical ice vessel operations. This challenge drives us even further to develop ships with easier icebreaking technologies as well as vessels’ system solutions, which are clean and efficient.



Page 2 From the Managing Director
Page 3 Finland to chair the Arctic Council
Page 4 Icebreaking needs on the NSR
Page 8 Will EEDI become tighter
Page 9 Polar Code training
Page 10 Polaris begins work
Page 11 Ice strengthened lifeboat testing
Page 12 Basics about ice part 1
Page 14 Harmonising model tests
Page 16 Intelligent de-icing
Page 17 News in brief
Page 20 Christmas party in Ă…land

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