Arctic Passion Issue / 04.03.2019

Arctic Passion News #17 (1/2019)

It is evident that shipping activity in the polar regions will increase in the coming decades, but by how much is still difficult to estimate. Nevertheless, the selections that are made now regarding energy sources for the ships are highly interesting and important. This year we celebrate 50 years of ice model testing in Finland. Aker Arctic always emphasizes that the technical development aims to save energy and improve efficiency. This is even more relevant today with the international moves to reduce emissions and address the impacts of climate change. 


Page 2 – From the Managing Director
Page 3 – Arctic condensate tanker delivered
Page 4 – 50 years of successful model testing
Page 7 – Best practices for polar research vessels
Page 11 – LNG distribution around the Baltic Sea
Page 14 – Vessel handling skills with Ice Simulator
Page 16 – Performance with turn-key solutions
Page 18 – News in brief
Page 20 – Exploring Vyborg

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