Arctic Passion Issue / 20.08.2012

Arctic Passion News #5 (2/2012)

The main subject for this issue is “Towards new environmental challenges”. The fuel efficiency is the new bible for naval architects and marine engineers. The challenge is to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices, meet impending international regulations and to make sure that shipping improves even further on the already excellent record as the most environmental-friendly mode of transportation.



Page 2 From the Managing Director
Page 3 First Chinese polar icebreaker
Page 5 Double acting dry cargo ship for Baltic Sea
Page 6 Ice trials in the Caspian Sea
Page 9 S.A. Agulhas in ice trials
Page 10 Multimodel testing begun
Page 12 7th Passion Seminar
Page 14 New CFD program in use
Page 15 Oblique icebreaker under construction
Page 15 What’s up
Page 20 In the heart of the city

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