Arctic Aframax

Aker Arctic and Deltamarin have jointly developed a modern Aframax tanker design for arctic use. The combination of Deltamarin’s expertise in low-cost, energy-efficient cargo vessels and Aker Arctic’s expertise in arctic vessels has turned into a very attractive tanker concept. Apart from being ice strengthened and equipped with other novel features, she also has a new modern look and will provide reliable, cost-effective tanker operations.

Read more about the Arctic Aframax concept developed in co-operation with Deltamarin in Arctic Passion News 2/2015.

aker_aframax 1
Vessel info
Type of vessel: Cruide oil tanker
Type of work done: Outline Design
Year: 2015
Main dimensions
Length: 266 m
Breadth: 46 m
Draught: 14,8 m
Icebreaking capacity: continuous in 1 m level ice
Ice class: Polar Class 5/RMRS Arc6

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