Detachable Icebreaking Bow Saimaa

Aker Arctic participated in the EU-funded WINMOS II-project: “Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II” under coordination with the Finnish Transport Agency. Aker Arctic has performed the model tests for the design.

This bow will be pushed by the tug boat Calypso, which usually assists vessels in sea-ports in Southern Finland.

Read more in the Arctic Passion News:
Detachable icebreaking bow for Lake Saimaa #1/2018
Self-propelled icebreakingbow Saimaa commissioned #1/2021



Saima Lake
Detachable bow
Calypso 04
Vessel info
Type of vessel: Detachable bow
Type of work done: Ice Model Tests, Propeller
Year: 2018
Customer: Finnish Transport Agency
Builder: Turku Repair Yard
Main dimensions
Length: 25.3 m
Breadth: 12.6 m
Propulsion: 2 x 600 kW shaftlines

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