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Operating marine assets in the harsh polar regions of the world can be challenging. However, given the right consideration, these challenges can be eased through specialized solutions. Recognizing these challenges, defining their importance, and identifying engineering solutions from the outset, is critical to choosing the right project concept and execution – eliminating potentially expensive rework, refits, or lost operating time due to unforeseen challenges. Whether the project involves a single ship, offshore structure, or an entire fleet, Aker Arctic understands the significant impact that ice and environmental conditions have on achieving an optimal solution.

At Aker Arctic, we understand that our clients are as unique as the challenges they face.  We therefore tailor our consulting services to match the needs of our clients’ projects.  We have assisted in tasks related to feasibility, pre-FEED studies, work during the FEED and consecutive stages of the project. Sometimes completely new components, ships, or floating vessels are required, and such new technologies can be developed. Our experienced staff are continuously developing new technological solutions related to Arctic and sub-Arctic industrial projects.

The types of services Aker Arctic can offer include:

  • Define client project requirements and create design criteria.
  • Ice management studies, including risk related studies.
  • Fleet composition studies.
  • Cargo loading/discharging studies in challenging ice conditions.
  • Port design consultation: including ice loads, layouts, ice control systems and ice management methods.
  • Transportation studies
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) calculation


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