Full Scale Tests

Aker Arctic has executed and attended hundreds of ice trials – both for ships we’ve designed and as an independent authority. Our customers benefit from the lessons gained through these experiences. Aker Arctic assists our clients to obtain the results they need while optimizing use of ship time and minimizing risks associated with the uncertainty in environmental conditions.

We provide good planning, flexible test plans, and reliable data collection. Full scale trials are specifically engineered to match our customer’s objectives. They can be broadly grouped into the following trials types:

Vessel Delivery Trials ensure owners receive the vessel that was contractually specified.  Aker Arctic can conduct ice trials on behalf of the shipyard or attend trials on behalf of the owner.  Either way, Aker Arctic provides an unbiased evaluation of the icebreaking capability as set out in the contract.

Demonstration Trials are intended to showcase a vessel’s capabilities without being unnecessarily scientific. With an emphasis on operational capability, they provide the client with proof of concept, marketing videos, and operator training while having a lower focus on data collection than vessel acceptance trials. The results obtained provide valuable input to defining operational procedures, which can form the basis of operations manuals.

Operational Trials can be used to de-risk complex arctic operations by replicating complete operations or critical components of the operation. The full-scale data collected can form the basis for calibration and validation of engineering analysis or model tests. Successful execution requires a thorough understanding of the subject operation, and the design and environment factors that influence the performance.

Aker Arctic provides the following services related to field trials:
• Test Planning
• Vessel Instrumentation
• Ice Measurements
• Trials Coordination and Execution
• Data Collection
• Operational Training (in partnership with qualified Master Mariners)
• Marketing Photos and Videos
• Post Trials Analysis and Reporting

Publications in Arctic Passion News magazine:

RRS Sir David Attenborough Ice Trials (January 2022)
Icebreaking Bow Saimaa and Tug Calypso in Ice Trials (March 2021)
Cruise Vessel: Le Commandant Charcot in Ice Trials (June 2021)
Research Vessel Xue Long 2 in Successful Ice Trials (November 2019)

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