Ice Model Tests

The behaviour of ice around ships, offshore structures, and port facilities can be complex.  Visualization of the ice’s behavior and quantifying the performance is a critical part of selecting concepts or designing vessels.  Model testing in ice is a proven and cost-efficient tool used in the development of ship projects, offshore transportation and production projects, port solutions, and for the verification of a ship’s ice performance.
Ice model Testing


Aker Arctic has been at the forefront of ice model testing technologies for decades, and currently operates a third-generation testing facility (Read more: about the 50 years of ice model testing).  Ice model tests can be conducted either at our in-house facility or at the Aalto University ice tank thanks to our co-operation agreement.  Our in-house basin is 75 m by 8 m and contains bottom and side viewing windows, providing unprecedented visualization.  The Aalto tank is 40 m by 40 m, making it ideal for maneuvering and operational model tests.  Both facilities use state of the art technologies to model real ice conditions including first and multi-year level ice, brash ice channels, ice rubble and ridges, floe ice, and first and multi-year ridges.

These facilities combined with our experienced and knowledgeable model testing team can be used to engineer a wide variety of tests to suit our customers’ needs.  The types of tests that have been performed in our facilities include:

  • Icebreaking performance and power predictions of ships
  • Ship maneuvering tests in ice
  • Ice load and impact tests of floating and fixed marine structures
  • Mooring tests of floating vessels using an underwater carriage
  • Dynamic position (DP)
  • Loading and offloading operations
  • Tests of ice encroachment on artificial islands and ice protection units in shallow waters
  • Brash ice melting systems
  • Ice formation and melting tests
  • Autonomous ship testing
  • Testing of multi-vessel operations
  • Hull coating friction tests


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