Ship Design & Engineering

Speciality ships require specialized expertise. Aker Arctic Technology is your designer for reliable and efficient ships operating in ice-covered waters. We specialize in the design of icebreakers and other ships capable of operating independently in ice, from cargo ships and tankers to polar research vessels and cruise ships. Having developed and designed the majority of icebreaking ships in the world, Aker Arctic Technology has the vast experience required to deliver ships that meet the needs of our clients.


Our services typically include the complete development process of a new ship design.  We assist our clients starting from project conception to delivery – from early ideas to conceptual selection, specifications, tender and contract design definition as well as full development of the basic design. In each phase, the detail and maturity of the design increases, allowing efficient development, risk control, and continuous customer influence.

Our engineering capabilities are based on long term practical experience, continuous R&D work, and engineers with specialized qualifications. These capabilities are:

  • Design criteria based on environmental conditions and operating profile
  • Concept selections to best match the clients’ needs
  • Hull optimization for open water and/or ice conditions
  • Ship performance and power predictions
  • Icebreaking capability in a variety of ice conditions
  • CFD analysis for ship performance
  • Structural dimensioning for local and global forces including ice loads
  • FEM analysis for ship structures
  • Weight estimates for ice classed ships
  • Ship propulsion systems in ice including loads and dimensioning
  • Winterization specifications and solutions

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