Basic Design

With concept design in hand, shipyards must proceed to obtain class approval prior to beginning construction. Aker Arctic’s basic design solution provides the shipyard with the resources, experience, and know-how to develop a full classification package. Our comprehensive understanding of the classification process combined with our knowledge of first-principles design makes navigating the classification system a breeze.


It is often said that the devil is in the details – designing vessels for cold environments is no exception.  Blowing snow, freezing run-off, and the myriad of ice interactions create endless ways that otherwise robust designs can fall short of specified requirements.  Although classification rules aim to address these issues, the rules cannot address all potential issues, and the shift towards goal-based standards and emphasis on first-principle approaches places increased onus on the designer. 

Aker Arctic’s basic designs provided improved reliability of the vessel by addressing inherent limitations of the class rules and avoid unnecessary design margins by working with class to obtain approved designs based on first principle approaches. 

Aker Arctic can provide complete basic design packages or can work with the shipyard on select aspects of the design.


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