Press Releases / 18.12.2023

CEO Reko-Antti Suojanen has decided to leave Aker Arctic

Aker Arctic’s CEO, Mr Suojanen is going to leave his position in the company. Reko and the Board of Aker Arctic have agreed that he will continue in his position as CEO until 31st of January 2024. Board has commenced the search process to hire his successor. Suojanen has acted as CEO now for 10 years.

“We have developed and designed worldclass icebreakers and other ice going vessels  and reached a position as the leading company in this segment.  The company’s financial situation is excellent, the order book is good and most importantly the expertise of our employees is at very high level. The company has recently started to develop new solutions to the growing sustainable shipping market.

I feel that now it is right time to do something else and start focusing on new challenges“, Suojanen emphasizes.

“Reko has successfully led the company and its development. Under his leadership Aker Arctic has secured the position as leading designer for ice going vessels. The company has also expanded into new areas of expertise and enlarged its global coverage. The Board expresses its sincere thanks to Reko for these achievements and wishes him all the best for the future,” says Chairman of the Board Mikael Mäkinen.

Aker Arctic is a Finnish engineering and consulting company that specializes in icebreaking ship design and Arctic maritime solutions. The company has gained a reputation as a global leader in providing expertise for ice-going vessels and offshore structures, particularly in harsh and icy conditions. Aker Arctic serves clients worldwide and collaborates with shipyards, shipowners, and other stakeholders involved in the maritime and offshore industries. The company has a state-of-the-art ice model testing facilities and is extensively involved in research and innovation projects and staying at the forefront of developments in ice technology and engineering. The company has a portfolio of vessel designs that incorporate advanced icebreaking technology, hull forms optimized for ice navigation, and other features that enhance the safety and efficiency of operations in challenging environments.