Our solutions to your newbuilding need

Aker Arctic brings value to our customers throughout the design process from outline design to basic design. Following the traditional design spiral, each of our design phases focus on reducing the technical risks associated with the design while provide increasing level of detail. Each solution is matched to the customer’s varying requirements as they proceed through the vessel procurement. At Aker Arctic, we believe strongly that continuity through the design process is the best way to reduce procurement risks, minimizing construction schedule and maximizing the value to the client.

For industry including oil, gas, mining and energy

Whether its small scale or the next megaproject, Aker Arctic's solutions help you get the most from your investment. We help you get your projected started on the right foot by developing concept designs that are best suited for harsh environments. We have chosen to list commonly offered solutions, but we are constantly developing new solutions to match our customers specific needs.

FOR shipyards

Operational Solutions

The impact of a design on a operation has long lasting consequences to the lifecycle of the project. Aker Arctic’s operational solutions help you understand how our designs influence your operations and allow you to make the most of your assets. We can help you understand the limits of the design, develop operational guidance, and provide the related training.

Ship conversion projects

Solutions for Arctic technology development