Arctic Passion Issue / 10.03.2016

Arctic Passion News #11 (1/2016)

Despite the fact that climate change will eventually result in less ice in sea areas that are today covered by ice, there will be a significant need for upgrading the world’s icebreaker fleets, which are undoubtedly old. There are about 131 icebreakers or icebreaker type vessels today in operation, and their median age is 32 years. We can already see this trend as building of new icebreakers is underway both in Russia and Finland, and also Canada and the US have started their plans for replacements.



Page 2 From the Managing Director
Page 3 Gas condensate tanker
Page 5 New contracting service
Page 7 Successful propeller delivery
Page 8 Chinese research vessel
Page 9 French polar vessel advances
Page 10 Sikuliaq in full-scale trials
Page 11 World’s most advanced port icebreaker
Page 12 More possibilities in model testing
Page 14 Ice management prediction tool
Page 15 Ice load monitoring system
Page 16 Update on the Polar Code
Page 17 Polar Water Operational Manual in process
Page 18 News in brief
Page 20 Medieval feast in Tallinn

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