Arctic Passion Seminar / 19.02.2024

Arctic Passion Seminar 2024

17th Arctic Passion Seminar was held in Helsinki

Aker Arctic’s customer event, the Arctic Passion Seminar, was held for ambassadors. About 100 Arctic specialists and other professionals from around the world gathered in Helsinki, Finland on the 15th of February 2024 to discuss diverse topics related to shipping, shipbuilding, and other activities in the freezing seas.

Wille Rydman, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Finland, gave the opening speech. The guest speakers included Mikko Suominen from Arctic Marine Technology Research at Aalto University, Katarina Gårdfeldt from Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, Helena Orädd from Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Marie Aanensen from Karmsund Group / Bifrost Tug, Jorgen Nyhus from Baffinland Iron Mines, James Bond from ABS, Mats Goldberg from Simply Blue Energy, Zachary Johnson from Newcleo, Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen from Finnish Meteorological Institute, Kaupo Läänerand from Ministry of Climate of Estonia.

In addition, presentations were given by Aker Arctic’s Interim CEO Mika Hovilainen, Research Engineer Hanyang Gong, Project Engineer Sabina Idrissova and Consulting Engineer Roman Repin.

One of the highlights of the Arctic Passion Seminar is the ice model test in Aker Arctic’s ice laboratory. This time it was the demonstration of a Baltic cargo ship moving in a narrow channel. The guests observed the cargo ship with a 32 m wide beam operating in the channel made by one icebreaker. The test was done to measure the ice resistance and evaluate the shoulder’s icebreaking capability.

In addition, the latest issue of our newsletter Arctic Passion News #25 was published for the seminar.

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