Arctic Passion Issue / 22.03.2021

Arctic Passion News #21 (1/2021)

In this issue, we present our completely new Arctic LNG carrier, in addition to many other topics relevant to today’s icebreaking practices. Our main target is to continue the successful development of new ships, with particular focus on reducing energy consumption and making substantial improvements regarding emission targets. For icebreaking ships, these are no easy tasks, but our mission is to rise to the challenge and to design such vessels for their owners’ use and benefit.


Page 3 – From the Managing Director
Page 4 – Year-round Arctic LNG carriers
Page 8 – New energy-efficient icebreaker for the Baltic Sea
Page 10 – Icebreaking keeps the Great Lakes open in winter
Page 14 – Introducing an icebreaking Arctic container ship
Page 16 – Arctic semi-submersible transport vessel developed
Page 18 – Simulation tool assists in environmental decisions
Page 20 – Predicting the safest route through ice
Page 21 – More ships comply with EEDI
Page 23 – Self-propelled icebreaking bow Saimaa commissioned
Page 24 – Monthly webinars about icebreaking
Page 24 – Friday night with colleagues. Announcements.

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