Arctic Passion Issue / 20.08.2017

Arctic Passion News #14 (2/2017)

2017 remains remarkable for Arctic shipping development. LNG shipment continues with a brand-new fleet of huge and capable ships with Double Acting technology which we developed decades ago. The firs in the series of 15, Christopher de Margerie sailed the entire Northern Sea Route and delivered LNG cargo from Norway to Korea. Both the Northern Sea and Northern West routes have been known for centuries, but could it finally be the time for a significant increase and utilization of these routes? In this issue of Arctic Passion News, you can read about developments in various ice classed vessels, including Arctic and Antarctic.



Page 2 Are we on the verge of the arctic opening up to regular shipping?
Page 3 Decades of developing Arctic LNG carriers
Page 5 Different cargo containment systems for LNG Carriers
Page 7 Polaris’ unique concept shines in ice trials
Page 9 First icebreaking LNG carrier in ice trials
Page 11 Baltika proves her capability in arctic ice management
Page 12 Ice Load Monitoring System on Baltika
Page 13 Brash ice channel project continues
Page 14 Basics about ice, Part 2: Special features of vessels operating in ice
Page 16 French polar logistic vessel delivered
Page 17 Ice Transit Simulation Model under development
Page 18 12th Arctic Passion Seminar in Helsinki
Page 19 News in brief
Page 20 Rowing race in the white summer nights

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